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Frequently Asked Questions

How far apart do I place the clamps?
We recommend that Foot Clamps be placed at 4" to 8" on center with one to two Span Clamps between the Foot Clamps. To hold the lamination to the laout line, the spacing will need to vay depending on the size and number of radii in the lamination. Foot Clamps need to be placed closer together at smaller radii while they can be spaced further apart at larger radii. At some smaller radii the Foot Clamps might need to be placed as close as 3" on center with no Span Clamps between them.

How many clamps do I need?
For Foot Clamps, figure the length of the longest lamination you will need for any job. Divide by 8" (this gives the number of 8" spaces) and add one clamp for your starting point. Figure twice as many Span Clamps as Foot Clamps. Additional Clamps (Foot and/or Span) will be needed to clamp straight sections at both ends of the lamination.

For example, to do laminations for a semi-circular transom over a 6' doorway: 36" x 3.14= 113.04"
              113.04" / 8"= 14.13 spaces
              14.13 + 1= 15 Foot Clamps
              15 x 2= 30 Span Clamps

- Large packages contain 20 Foot Clamps, 30 Span Clamps and 1 Socket Extension.
- Small packages contain 12 Foot Clamps, 18 Span Clamps and 1 Socket Extension.

Do I need to use Laminating Bands on both sides of lamination?
Yes. The lamination needs to be supported on both sides for proper compression to eliminate any flat spots or voids.

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