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E-Z Arch, Absolutly the BEST laminate bending system on the market. At Wonders of Wood we make arched door jambs,arched trim, & doors, curved stair railing, half round windows and window trim. If it's curved, we use E-Z Arch. Saved us literally thousands of dollars compared to machinery. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! Dean

Dean Lutes - Wonders of Wood
Tracy City TN
April, 2010

The E-Z Arch clamping system is the answer to our clamping needs. In our Hobbit style house's and the Round Observatory Towers where every piece of wood needs to be curved. It has not only done all the cabinetry, but the 3" x 10 " timber millwork bent to a 12" radius.

Mark Buchholz
Eagle, CO 81631
September, 2008

Easy to use,durable and at reasonable price,what more could you want?

Gordon Whitermore The Custom Door Co of Haines
Haines Alaska
June, 2008

We use the E-Z Arch clamping system for all of our laminated radius jobs, big and small. This system gives us a lot of flexibility. Setup is quick and easy too. We have been using the E-Z Arch system for the past 3-1/2 years and haven't had any problems. The system works great.

Joseph Paine, Brainerd Hardwoods, Inc.
Brainerd, MN
April, 2008

The first time we used the laminating system we were sold. Even a serpentine base turned out accurate the first time. We are no longer making presses and then throwing them out after a job is complete.

Allen Allred, Allred Precision Millwork
Carey, Idaho
March, 2008

We looked everywhere for a flexible, cost effective method of laminating arch mahogany jambs. We have had our set for 3 months and love them!!! We bend everything from an 18" radius to a 48" radius. We got the total work time from glue to last clamp on a 36" radius 9" wide jamb to 20 minutes!! Before we found E-Z Arch we were considering spending 4x as much on a machine. Thanks again!!

Jeff Carlson, Pinecrest Industries
Fort Pierce, Fl
March, 2008

With E-Z Arch Laminating Clamps, I can laminate curved moldings and jambs faster than before. They work great!

Jon, Mulvain Woodworks
Durand, Illinois

March, 2008

We produce arched doorways three times faster, using E-Z Arch Laminating Clamps!

Bill Barrett, Owner, Southern Custom Doors
Lugoff, South Carolina
October, 2007

We increased profits, shortened lead times and expanded our manufacturing capabilities using E-Z Arch Laminating Clamps

Travis Coker, President Coker's Doors & Moulding, Inc.
Nederland, Texas
October, 2007

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